The Guests are the fourth antagonists encountered in Little Nightmares.

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The Guests are an essential part of The Maw’s life-cycle. Herded into the large hall, they slump into their bowing stools, and there they feed. Without taste, without need, without end. And then they leave, one way or another.
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The Guests are humanoid creatures. They are morbidly obese, to the point of being unable to use their legs. They have faces with drooping, almost "melting" faces. Some of the Guests are female, with reddish hair kept in beehive styles. Some Guests wear masks that resemble kabuki masks, and white gloves.


The Guests are first encountered in the Guest Area of the Maw. They sit at tables and devour as much food as they can get their hands on, including Six if they catch her. Some guests, upon spotting Six, will fling themselves from their chairs to chase her, crawling across the floor until they are physically stopped. The Guests are so consumed with their hunger, that they are willing to kill or die for food (some guests will fling themselves from high ledges to try and reach six, or trample each other).


  • The Guests are said to leave The Maw "one way or another."
  • It is implied that The Lady drains the life force or energy of The Guests.
  • The Guests are cannibals, as they eat the meat of the children kept in the lowest levels of the ship.
  • At certain points you can see the Twin Chefs cutting up meat that is in the shape of the Guests' faces, implying that the guests are fed to each other when they die. In the trash areas, you will also see large piles of shoes resembling those belonging to guests as well as luggage.

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